Important Items to Focus On When Home Shopping

I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about something I feel is important to bring up. 

When looking for your new home it is critical to focus on the major items that CAN’T be changed….. for example, let’s say you really want a pool but can’t find your “Dream Home” that also has a pool…

In this case it is important to focus on the lot size, lot dimensions… would it be possible to add a pool after purchase, etc…. 

Now I will do everything I can to find you your dream home… however the reality is, that sometimes, everything you want in a home, does not always exists…. in that case… we need to focus on the things that can be changed/added/modified & the things that can’t…..

I hope you found this info helpful and as always feel free to reach out anytime if there is anything I can do to help… I am available anytime to answer questions, show you properties, etc..