The Process - Buyers

1. Get Pre Approved

"What does it mean to be Pre Approved?"

This means that the mortgage lender has checked your credit, employment & income.

"Why do I need to be Pre Approved first?" 

After checking your credit, employment & income, the lender gives us a solid base on your Price Range on purchasing a home. This helps us to accurately search & show homes to you. 

By getting your lender all required & accurate forms, the Pre Approval process can be quick & painless!

2. House Shopping!

Now for the fun part ;)

Once the lender tells us that you are pre approved & gives us a home loan amount, we will look up homes in your comfortable price range!

We will schedule showings for your top homes and do walk thru's with you.

Keeping an open mind & imagination is the key to envisioning a home for YOU.

3. Write Up An Offer

Yay! You found a home & you are ready to make an offer.

Now is the time to discuss the terms: Purchase Price, Home Warranty, Deadlines, etc.

We will prep the documents for you to sign & send them off to the Seller's Agent.

The Seller's will then review your Purchase Offer, while we wait for a response :)

Excited? Anxious? Totally normal!

Typically there is a little back & forth between Buyer's & Seller's before an acceptance.

We are here for you every step of the way to help get the best deal for you!

4. Offer Accepted!

Congrats! Your offer has been accepted!

Transaction Deadlines to be aware of:

Earnest Money is the amount that will be sent to RE/MAX Properties within 4 calendar days of acceptance. This amount goes towards your loan!

Seller's Disclosure Deadline is when the Seller needs to provide us with their Seller Property Condition Disclosure to review.

Due Diligence Deadline is out deadline to fully inspect & lean of the various aspects of the home.

Financing & Appraisal Deadline is when the Appraisal Report to be completed & your Financing to be approved by the lender.

Settlement Deadline is the last day to sign Closing forms on your home.

Closing is typically done on the same day as Settlement, if all parties sign early enough. If not, then Closing will be next business day.

5. Home Sweet Home!

Signed Closing forms at Title? Got the confirmation that everything has funded & recorded?

Well, then it is FINALLY time to MOVE IN!

Buying In The Next 90 Days?  OR  Buying In The Next 6 Months?

Purchasing A New Construction

The lack of existing inventory for sale has forced many home buyers to begin looking at new construction. 

When you buy a newly constructed home instead of an existing home, there are many extra steps that must take place. Learn More