Signs a homeowner wants to find a buyer ASAP

Every house hunter hopes to move into a new home with as few hitches as possible… & that largely depends on how eager (or, let's be frank, desperate) a homeowner is to sell. 

While it’s gauche to ask outright why someone is selling—


Job transfer? 


There are ways to sniff out the answer.

Here are some subtle signs a homeowner wants to find a buyer ASAP — & hopefully that buyer is you!

Sign No. 1

The listing begs 'buy me!'

Granted, it won’t say that exactly, but read between the lines & you can pick up some valuable clues. 

The most obvious, of course, is multiple price reductions. But there are other signs, too, like an asking price below market value or a note that the seller is looking to unload the home "as is

Another indicator that bodes well for you? 

A note that the seller is looking for a “cash” transaction.

Sign No. 2

The curb appeal isn’t up to snuff

A lot of times motivation for a homeowner really means distress… & when someone is in distress, they're no longer focused on maintaining their yard or picking up their newspapers, so much so that they even try to close out the outside world. 

You might see an overgrown lawn or garden beds that could use a good weeding. Or there might be more subtle signs like closed blinds, even on a gorgeous day, or a stack of unread newspapers on the porch.

Sign No. 3

The homeowners answer questions quickly & candidly

Soo there's a leak in the roof? 

The basement flooded last year? 

Home sellers are rarely eager to disclose such information—but desperate sellers won't beat around the bush, because they know this could come back & bite them later by slowing down the sale.