One of the strategies that many buyers will use to save out of pocket expenses when they purchase is to request that the seller pay some or all of the closing costs. 

When this is presented correctly to the seller through their agent, it’s usually something that most sellers are willing to consider.

There are 3 critical parts to making this work, and it’s important that you have an agent that understands the process in order to be successful.

Step 1

Find out what is really important to the seller about the terms of the sale. Contrary to what most people think it’s not always price. If you know what is most important, you can adjust your terms to meet the sellers primary need and offer flexibility on your end for flexibility on their end in order to help with closing costs.

Step 2

Present a reasonable offer. If closing costs being paid is an important item in your negotiation, this is not the time to submit a low-ball offer. Remember, that the closing costs are coming out of the seller’s “net”. A low ball offer with closing costs added in, typically won’t set you up for a good negotiation.

Step 3 

Present the offer to the seller by letting them know that the original offer was going to be lower, but you raised your offer price to cover the closing costs that you’re asking for.